Yes! We offer two different QR Code Advertisement Systems you can use to track your customers. I know pretty cool.

Check out our new SMS Service called "IBot SMS Bot." I think you're going to like it. Watch the video below as I walk you through how the system works.

An SMS chatbot or a text bot is a software tool that automatically responds and sends text messages to users who communicate with the bot. A text bot can help to create an interactive marketing channel that improves customer communication, and also a great way to build you a big list of customers to keep in touch with by SMS and email. Plus you can use this on your Advertisements and use a QR Code and that way you can track where they are living, working, age, name and so on. This is a great piece of software to have for any business.

Are you interested in IBot SMS Service we can sell it to you now. Just click the "Buy Your Plan Here" Button below to have your own plan.

Below check out our 2nd option which is our Daily Local Offer Service. Watch the video below to learn how that system works. you can also see the service at the top by clicking on Daily Local Offer Button or Clicking here on the URL below.

If you are interested in Daily Local Offer just send us an email and we can find out how your planning on using the system which will help us set the price for you to have Daily Local Offer. Or just click on the button below to learn more about Daily Local Offer.